I am in my sixth year of teaching, and third year teaching math at a high school in the Illinois side of the Quad Cities. I currently teach Algebra I and Honors Geometry. In previous years, I have taught Integrated Math I, Honors Integrated Math II, a college prep math class called Math Lit, and Integrated Math II at my current school, Algebra I, Algebra II, College Algebra, and Calculus in a very small school (185 students) in Central Illinois where I got to teach half the students in the school on an A-B block schedule, and sixth grade math at a large middle school in Evanston, IL. I have moved around Illinois quite a bit because of my husband’s work, and I have enjoyed being able to teach in many different settings. I am also endorsed to teach French, but haven’t done that yet.

I love incorporating technology in my classroom and try to give my students experiences that help them discover and interact with math. I spend most of my free time scouring the #MTBoS for the best ways to teach and am excited to share what I find. I know that I still have a lot to learn about teaching math, and the #MTBoS helps me grow as a teacher every day.

I also am a percussion tech for my husband’s high school band and spend many evenings and weekends helping him take his band to higher levels. I play percussion in community brass bands and love being able to continue playing and being part of the band world.

I hope that this blog helps a fellow math teacher at least 1/100 of the amount that the #MTBoS has helped me in my teaching.

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