Some Warm Up Files

I was asked when I gave my last presentation about my Warm Up routine about the files I use. I have always given out my Daily Warm Up Sheet files, but I realized I hadn’t given the actual files. It didn’t occur to me that others would want them, too. Oops! So I put them all in this Google Drive folder because some of the files are too big for uploading here.

Warm Up Files Google Drive Folder

Some notes about the files:

Formatting – I have a .flipchart file and a .pdf of everything. The flipcharts work with the program ActivInspire, which runs on the Promethean Boards we have at my school. I did a quick Google search about converting .flipchart to SMARTboard files and it looks like it’s possible, but I didn’t really look much further.

Set – All I did was take screenshots from the Set app on my iPad and send put them into my template in the flipchart. Looking back, I wish I had made the template just a little prettier. It gets the job done, though. Before I had a Promethean Board or even the thought of getting ahead with the images, I would just go to the website in the morning and just click from

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 9.05.09 PM.png

Patterns – all taken from I just took screenshots of one step and then a screenshot of the rest.

Estimation – I just project my desk arrangement on the board. Yours probably is different.

Not Just Dead White Dudes – I also show these on Fridays, so I figured I’d include them. I got most of the images from Sean @MrCoreyMath. He shared his mathematician posters with us when I was at PCMI in 2017. He said it’s ok to share the folder that he put together: Sean’s Mathematician Folders. The pdf of this file will not be awesome because in order to fit some of the images I have to put them in the range outside of the print area. So sorry about that.

Hope this helps!

Oui, il y a plus avec mes échauffements.


Thinking Mathematically From Minute One (Presentation 2019)


Here’s a presentation I gave about them. It’s been fun sharing with people how I structure my warm ups. If I could, I think I would do all of them all day every day. I love them, the learners love them, and real math conversations happen because of them. I also wrote more about them in this post: Some Warm Up Files.



Combien de fois est trop pour présenter ce sujet? Il n’y a pas une nombre.

Fun Free Tech Tools that Aren’t Kahoot

I’m making a presentation at my district’s Teaching and Learning Conference in a couple of days and made this presentation. I don’t plan on actually showing much of this during the presentation – this is more for when people want to look back at it later.

I remember a few years ago when everyone and their mother was playing Kahoot in class and I hated it from the first time I played it. I felt like my learners were just guessing to try to get the fastest answer and I didn’t like that the questions all had to be projected…I also was already using Plickers and quickly found Quizizz so I never really saw a reason to go back to Kahoot. Maybe I’m missing something about it – please inform me if I am! It still seems to be something that a lot of people use at my school and I want to show teachers that there are other (better) free options. The free part is important because I know I’d never try anything new if I had to pay a cent.

PDF: Fun Free Tech Tools that Aren’t Kahoot

I’m really excited about this stuff. I may have gone a bit overboard with how much there is when I only have 55 minutes to share, but it still should be a good time for everyone and hopefully people learn a bit.

Est-ce que quelqu’un utilise plus Kahoot?

Circles Intro Desmos Polygraph

In my Honors Math II class I frequently am saying (both to my colleagues and my students) that we have so so so many topics to cover. It leads to a lot of boring days, in my opinion, of notes-practice-notes-practice-notes-practice blah blah blah. My learners don’t really complain – most have been in the honors track for a while and that’s kind of how it’s always gone for them. I do switch up how they practice and review and have done my fair share of discovery and VNPS activities, so I shouldn’t say it’s all the same. But we’re now on our last unit of the semester and it’s all about circles. The vocabulary that starts off this unit can be a bit overwhelming and we were starting this coming off two days of MAP testing and lost a day of the unit to a snow day, so I really wanted something engaging and meaningful that wouldn’t burn a lot of time. After asking the #MTBoS, I answered my own question with doing a Demos Polygraph activity. I edited one I had found from Burt Dixon to fit my introduction vocab a little better. Here it is:

Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 3.44.33 PM

It went really well! The kids really enjoyed it and were fully into it the whole time. I happened to end up with my evaluator in my room during it and she was really impressed, too. After the class was getting to the point where most were winning in 2-4 questions, I had them all draw a circle so we could put some of the things they noticed into formal vocabulary. So not only did I plan an engaging lesson, but I also didn’t skip the close! The best part was that my learners and I can now reference the Polygraph activity as we’re learning more things about circles. 🙂

I also got some other ideas from the #MTBoS about other discovery tools for circles that I would definitely do if I had more time. Check out my post on Twitter to see them.

Et encore, j’adore Desmos.

Collection of Old Funny/Nice Photos from My Teaching Career

I have a file folder at my house of nice notes that I’ve received from students over the last five years that make me smile when I look at them. I also have photos I’ve taken that do the same that have been sitting on my school computer. My district has decided that they will be replacing all our Macs with Windows Surface laptops whenever they get a tech ticket about our incredibly slow Macs. So, even though I do frequent backups, I would like somewhere else where I can access these photos in the event that my computer loses its files. And I’ve realized this is fun to do. Here they are:

17-18 School Year

16-17 School Year

15-16 School Year


14-15 School Year


Beaucoup de sourirs – j’aime bien ces mémoires.

ICTM Thinking Mathematically From Minute One Presentation 10/19/18

So excited to share again at the ICTM Math Conference in Tinley Park, IL. The Google Slides presentation is below.



Non, je ne suis pas fatiguée de ce sujet. 🙂

Reflection on Quarter 1 2018

The first 9 weeks of the school year has come and gone, and so has week 1 of my two-week intersession break. I spent my first week off doing lots of personal things – finally unpacking from the honeymoon and wedding, lots of band (including percussion tech stuff for my husband’s band and playing in Alumni Band for University of Illinois’ Homecoming), and end-of-garden tasks. Now, in this second week I am able to focus on being ready for 2nd Quarter at school. But first, I’ll reflect on how 1st Quarter went:

I feel like this year is just going ok so far. It’s the first year that one of the classes I’m teaching is the same as last year, so that should have made things a bit easier. I also was really happy with how the beginning of the year last year went, so I did pretty much the same stuff this year. It was really nice to be able to see my past work from my blog post! Even with what I thought would have made this year start off easier, I feel like I still wasn’t quite ready for the year to start. I had to move to a new room this year but wasn’t really able to do the moving until I got back from my honeymoon, which was only a week before the school year started. Not trying to make excuses, but the timing of everything didn’t really help me get off on the right foot for the beginning of the school year.

Nevertheless, it was a good start, just like last year. I also learned how to use Airdrop to quickly show the class photos and use photos from class, Adobe Spark for collages, and the Photos app to blur faces. These have all made sharing things from class way easier.

The rest of the quarter has felt a lot like same old same old. I feel like the students are learning and haven’t felt like there are complaints or anything, but I just feel like I am not doing enough. I was supposed to be less busy this year (since I’m not doing nearly as much as last year), but I’ve felt like I’m playing catch up all the time. For example, this is the first year I haven’t called every family on my roster to introduce myself. But I’ve been praised still for my Weekly Summaries, Parent Survey, and Unit Newsletters to communicate with families that get emails. I haven’t done enough activities – lots of notes and regular worksheet practice. But I’ve still done some.








Next quarter will be better. I’m ready to try some new things and get back into the swing of things, as well. I’m also ready to get back to blogging, now that I’m not as busy 🙂

Aux neuf prochaine semaines!