Distance and Midpoint Formula Row Game

On our third day of summer Geometry, students are starting to open up a little more. We reviewed a little more of planes, lines, intersections, and parallel/skew by using the room as a space again. I think that really helps some of the students who aren’t able to visualize it on their paper. We then got into the Segment and Angle Addition Postulates. We reviewed with some Kuta worksheets. I wish I had a better way to show this to a very mixed class. Most students were able to see right away what parts needed to be added and set equal to the whole segment or angle, but some I think were intimidated by the algebra. I tried to see if they could substitute an algebraic expression with a single letter or picture (so they could see that they need to put        🙂 + ❤ = m<ABC    and then substitute in the expressions that were given) but those students just consistently wanted to add whatever was with a variable up to get whatever was given with just a number. I’m thinking next time I could actually have protractors and rulers and have them cut out angles and measure and put them together, seeing which parts need to be added and then move to the algebraic problems afterward.

We also got to the distance and midpoint formulas. For the most part, this was review for students, but it was a good reminder of order of operations and how square roots work. I loved using this row game that I found on Elissa Miller’s blog (again – she might as well be teaching my class because I will be using so many of her activities – thanks Elissa!). Elissa had this for just the midpoint formula, but then I made a second copy for the distance formula. I loved hearing kids really work to justify their responses or help their partner correct their work when they were comparing. It was just enough practice for them before we moved on and got them talking about the math and engaged.

I’m grappling with the idea of doing a “180” blog for the summer. It really would only be 29 days, but I can get a feel for if I like this type of blogging and if it’s useful for me. We’ll see if I can last all six weeks.

J’utilise les activités des autres blogs presque chaque jour et je vois pourquoi le #MTBoS est vraiment magnifique!