Day 17: Area Projects and Geometric Probability

Today was very free-form. They took a quiz at the beginning, learned about geometric probability, and then had free time to work for almost two hours. During that time, I expected them to work on one of the two projects I gave and/or study for their test, which will be at the start of the day tomorrow. The two projects are attached below and involve finding the area of a lawn to be fertilized and the area of a house to be painted. I like the house painting one better because it asks some more higher-level thinking questions (but not that high-level) at the end, but many of my students have done it before if they are taking my class for grade replacement so I decided to find another one.

A note about geometric probability – I find this topic so interesting! I guess I wished I taught more about probability and statistics, but I haven’t been able to yet. It’s a short section in this unit and I don’t really have time to go deeper into it, but I had the idea today that I should bring in a dart board and actually calculate out the geometric probability of landing in certain places. It would make it much more real, but I just have to find a dart board. Good thing I have another whole year before I might be teaching it again…


Je me suis rendue compte de la folie de mes étudiants quand je les donne le temps libre, mais c’est la folie productive.