I Have A Real Hard Time With Number Talks And I Need Help

I Have A Real Hard Time With Number Talks And I Need Help

That’s it.

Well it could be, but I’ll elaborate 🙂

So I really do like the concept of number talks. Using things like Fawn’s http://www.mathtalks.net/ and http://www.visualpatterns.org/. Using Sara’s Visual Pattern strategy. Doing dot talks and having the kids use a thumbs up and then additional fingers to indicate how many ways they can visualize or find the solution. I think it’s great and I want to do it all in my classes. But I just haven’t been able to get it to work. It’s always just like 10% of the class that is actually into it, others just putting a thumbs up so I can move on and then saying “I don’t know” when I ask them to share. These number talk days also take the longest out of all my warm ups, probably because I want to go farther into them than most students want to. And it kills me because we’d get great work done on the patterns or number talks, but really it would be me and a few other students and the others would just be checked out, waiting for me to finish so they could copy it down.

As I’m writing this, I am realizing Dylan just basically posted about the same thing, and he actually put out a possible solution. Thank you Dylan. The issue I see in my classes for Dylan’s method is that it just takes a lot of time. I no longer have the luxury of the 90 minute block. I have 50 minutes, and that’s not a lot of time. But it might be a good idea to try this with partner work for a little bit next semester. Maybe I can shave it to 1-2 minutes on your own, 1 minute partner share, 1-2 minutes full class discussion? Maybe I just stay satisfied with not getting to the formula in the warm up unless we fly through it.

I will say this, though: I have way more students engaged in the visual patterns than in the number talks, like which is greater out of 88 x 36 or 86 x 38. I think numbers just freak some kids out.

I really really really want to keep doing visual patterns at least in my warm ups, but I just don’t know if I can make it actually happen for all of my students. Any other helpful hints? Does anyone else have this experience?

Une note incohérente, mais j’ai besoin d’aide.

Weekly Summaries and Class Twitter

I’ve written about my Weekly Summaries before. I still do them but I’ve updated them a little. Now, the questions are:


  1. What did you learn in class this week?
  2. What activities did you do in class this week?
  3. How are you feeling about math class?
  4. Type your tweet (I am following after Annie Forest with her class tweets)
  5. Other comments







When they click submit, their parents (if they have given the school or me an email address) and I get an email that looks like this:


So the grade automatically gets put in and the parents see their responses to 1, 2, 3, and 5 (that’s this student’s joke about the mathematician).

I love love love these Weekly Summaries. The hardest part is getting students to do them. Usually it’s me who forgets to have them get the Chromebooks. It’s not something they like doing on their phones because they have to log in to their account and that takes longer than a microsecond so they’re just not into it.

But I get a lot of good feedback (like this student who was failing but was feeling great about the current topic and ended up raising her grade to a D in the next week!). And parents (except two that asked me to stop emailing them unless it was an emergency) have told me that they really like getting these. It’s a good conversation starter at home and it makes them feel like they are more in the loop about their child. I loved getting these comments at conferences and frequently get responses back from parents over the weekend with questions or comments so it definitely has helped my communication.

You may have noticed that the tweets aren’t seen by the parents. That’s because I curate the tweets to put on our class Twitter. I usually use one tweet per period. I have the Twitter feed on my class website and currently have 5 followers…but some students have said that they just look on my website. I also post pictures from class on the class Twitter. I haven’t gotten any parent comments about it yet. Honestly I don’t know if any look at it. I just keep putting reminders that it’s there when I send my unit emails and, if nothing else, it’s nice for me to chronicle the year.

J’espère que les parents apprécient les mises à jour.

#TMC16 Reflection Post 4: Day 4 and 5 #MTBoSBlaugust

Post 1, Post 2, Post 3, and TMC16 Notes in case you want them.

Day 4: TMC Day 3

I did not take great notes in the last two days of TMC. There was a lot going on, though.

In the morning for My Favorites Joel @joelbezaire showed us a game (Variable Analysis) I will try to play with my class at some point. It seems fun. I’m just already stressed about time. We also saw Gregory @mathtans show off his creativity with a song about the cubic formula to the tune of Sister Act. So awesome to see the creative side that some people have.

For lunch that day I went back to AfroDeli so I could talk with Lisa about warm ups. Bob also joined us and we ended up talking about a ton of other stuff – grading, vertical nonpermanent surfaces, teaching in general. It was awesome.

The only note I have about My Favorites in the afternoon was about Smarty Pins. It’s a geography/trivia game that could be fun. Maybe I’ll learn geography since I never learned it in school. The keynote was Dylan @math8_teacher. He shared a lot of things about his teaching experiences that were similar to mine. I think my 10% to get better at is parent contact this year. I’m going to try to blog about my thoughts on this later. I’m also hoping to blog more to help all teachers.

I then went to the session I was probably anticipating the most – Go With the Flow by Alex @AlexOverwijk. My room has a wall in the back that has all white boards and I just made 9 white boards this summer. I knew about Vertical Non-Permanent Surfaces before, but didn’t know enough details. I’ve now turned this into my #1TMCThing. I have had students all in groups at the VNPS once but I need to rearrange my room so it works better. I’m so excited to do more with this.

I then went to a flex session about social justice in math. Annie @Anniekperkins showed us how she talked about a different mathematician every Friday that wasn’t just some dead white guy. I really want to do this, too. I just gotta find a good way to do this in class. Like I said before – I’m a little stressed about time, but this would be worth it.

I spent the entire evening and night working with Bob, Rachel @rdkpickle, and Judy @JudyLarsen3 on our performance the next day. It was great working with these guys on the music. I was so excited to hear how the lyrics came out. I went back to the dorm after hours and hours of working to find Jennifer and Kathy in the lounge and we talked for a little bit. It was nice to meet back up with them.

Day 5: TMC Day 4

I’m going to be honest, I was pretty nervous to perform in front of all of the math teachers that I idolized. So I don’t remember much of the My Favorites, unfortunately. I was too busy being nervous. I wrote down Bootstrap for video game programming – this reminded me of a video game maker my brother used to use when we were little. I’d like to learn more about it some day.

The TMC16 Song performance was kind of a blur. I remember when I messed up. I also remember that it was a lot of fun. I’m very grateful that I met Sean and that he let me be a part of this event. Here’s a video (I’m the one playing on the trash can and music stand – we worked with what we had):

Then TMC was over. I had been smiling for pretty much five days straight. But then the sad feels came on. I didn’t want to go. I was driving back for six hours and then getting ready for a move. Wasn’t ready to face reality yet. When Jennifer and Kathy said they were going to Mall of America, I said I’d drive them. We worked our geometry skills to figure out how to fit all of us with our stuff and spent some time at Mall of America. This place was massive and I didn’t even cover a little bit of it. We saw some Ninja Turtles, Spongebob and Patrick, and a marker and ate lunch.

The drive back was much nicer than the drive there (because daylight), and I got home that night. I missed everyone, especially Jennifer and Kathy so much. I’m still missing TMC16. I’m going to see how scheduling works out but I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to make TMC17 because this year I started school August 1 and TMC17 ends July 30. I hope my school decides to start later next year.

TMC me manque.

#TMC16 Reflection Post 3: Day 3 #MTBoSBlaugust

I posted about Day 1 and Day 2 already. I also posted my notes.

Day 3: TMC Day 2

I got up early on Sunday to run around Minneapolis with some other tweeps. We went a little over 5K and saw a dam. There was a hill I struggled with, but it was great to get out and run. There wasn’t any pressure to keep up (Jennifer was way ahead of us), and everyone was welcome. Which is the same for everything at TMC.

The morning started with My Favorites and announcements. That’s where people saw my Sudoku dress. I’m hoping Jennifer’s mother-in-law will agree to take mathy fabric into dresses so we can all buy them.

During the My Favorites, Anna talked about Feedback Meetings. I would love to implement this. I just can’t imagine doing it with all of my students. I wonder if I can start with just one class. I have to work out some details, the biggest one being when do I meet with the students?

I ate lunch with Jennifer and Kathy after the morning session at a place that was very earthy and different. I had an Earth something…it was eggs with broccoli and cheese and I think potatoes – looked like I was eating the earth and it was pretty good. It took a little bit to get the food so Kathy and I left a little late, but still made it back in time for the My Favorites. Sam @samjshah talked about his Explore Math assignments that I definitely want to do some day. I think this year might be too soon with the new school, but I think it could fit perfectly with my Math Literature (college prep) math class. Will have to revisit this idea again.

Tracy @TracyZager gave the keynote this day and wow was it great. She talked about how we all have to learn from each other – elementary and secondary teachers alike. I loved this. I went to college thinking I’d become a high school teacher, then my first job was in 6th grade. I’ll admit that I wasn’t too thrilled that that was going to be my job, but I loved it. I learned so much about teaching in general, and then when I started teaching high school I was so surprised at the fact that I was the only one spending time getting to know students at the beginning of the year, or having students work in groups, or having students give me feedback regularly. These were all things that were standard at my first job in an elementary district for all teachers. I am now in a unit district (which I found out is not the same terminology in different states – it’s a district with elementary, middle, and high school in it). I am excited that this year I will have the opportunity to not only collaborate with teachers teaching the same course as I am, but also potentially collaborate with elementary and middle grades teachers. I could go on about this…maybe it’s another blog post.

I then went to Anna’s Make It Stick session. I haven’t read the book but I’d like to. I feel like this session mostly confirmed things I already believed, probably because I had read them from other #MTBoS blogs. Practice is important. I need to show students better ways to practice and study. I’m hoping that before our first assessment I will remember to have this discussion.

I then went to Lisa @lisabej_manitou and Jessica @algebrainiac1’s session about warm ups. I already talked about what I got from that a bit here. I am also presenting on this same topic on October again for ICTM. So this also helped me see how I could present this topic better.

That night there was a trivia night and Jennifer, Kathy, and I wanted to eat before it. We went to an Ethiopian restaurant – it was Jennifer and Kathy’s first time! Ethiopian is definitely an experience…and this was slightly different from my previous experiences. I made sure to let them know that, but it was refreshing to be with people who were willing to try new things like that. I’m used to people thinking I’m kind of weird for always wanting to eat different ethnic foods – I’m not really satisfied with eating the same thing all the time even if it’s great (which is hard for me because I barely know how to cook anything). They probably still thought I was weird, but they at least kept it to themselves 🙂

We didn’t do very well in the trivia night. We were a team made up of (mostly) TMC newbies so we named ourselves the TMC Virgins. I think I was able to contribute on a few questions but mostly couldn’t help – still had tons of fun, though! We all were contributing members on our team.

Afterwards, I met up with Bob @MrJanesMath to talk about playing percussion. We were trying to work out some logistics for a performance on Tuesday. It was really interesting to talk with him about teaching and music and band and percussion and how it was different or similar in Connecticut.

Maintenant, je ne veux que la cuisine éthiopienne.

#TMC16 Reflection Post 2: Day 2 #MTBoSBlaugust

I posted about my Day 1 with #DesCon16 here.

Day 2: TMC Day 1

Now, I already posted my notes I took in the sessions I went to here. So this will be more of what I want to do from them and also the more social stuff.

The day started with a New-to-TMC session where I realized that there were a ton of newbies like me. Glen @gwaddellnvhs and Julie @jreulbach were so nice to put that on for us. We then went to the chapel for the opening session. It was during this that I solidified my choice of a morning session and decided on Talk Less, Smile More with Chris @Plspeak and Matt @stoodle. This was amazing. I want to debate all day every day in my classes.

So my plan is to incorporate debate into my warm ups at least. I will have debates on Thursdays with Which One Doesn’t Belong and Would You Rather. I would like to also use it just regularly during class. I LOVE the claim/warrant bit of it. I’ve already tried it once and the students seem to latch onto it pretty well. I think this will help them on their assessments, too. I would love to do a full scale debate, but will probably not get to that this year. I also think the debate cards are a great idea and hope to use this in class. I also really need to make these for my walls and put them up on each wall:


I also worked in this morning session with some Algebra II teachers (even though I’m doing Integrated Math 2 but it does line up with some of it). Julie, Sara, Annie @Anniekperkins, Amy @sqrt_1, and I worked on creating some Algebra II stuff that incorporates debate. I look forward to working with these ladies during the school year to develop more debate-y questions.

We had lunch after the morning session at AfroDeli. It was really really good. I sat with Jamie @jrykse and two other teachers who are teaching in Indonesia, I think, and I can’t remember or find their names and I’m really sorry. It was so great to hear about different perspectives and different ways schools work (this was a theme for the entire TMC).

After lunch, it was my first My Favorites. These were the parts that I had most highly anticipated after reading about them from past TMCs. I will soon post a picture of me with my Varsity Math sticker.

The Keynote speaker that afternoon was José @TheJLV. He talked about social justice. It was really powerful and filled with funny gifs. I’m going to hopefully post something about social justice math soon.

I then went to Sara’s afternoon session on the Backwards Bike and Productive Struggle. Wow. I want to pretty much do everything from this session. She and her coworkers worked on something really hard (the backwards bike) every day and it taught them about struggling. I loved that the students saw this struggle. I really want to do something like this eventually. I’m also not sure when Sara said this, but she said that she got rid of all distractions around her room so the only posters she has up are ones she consistently refers to. This really hit home for me. When I first started teaching I was afraid of empty space on my walls. I printed out a million things and covered my walls. I almost never referred to anything I had put up. I’ve had less on the walls each year and now only have stuff on the walls that I have to have up or I will refer to often. I will post soon on how my room is looking.

I went to Becca @RPhillipsMath’s session on Every Kid, Every Day. I fully agreed with everything she was saying and I wish there was more time to hear her ideas.

There was Speed Dating afterwards that was run by Lisa’s Husband. It was awesome to meet other people that were there. I loved the categories.

Then, there was the new-to-TMC dinner. I met Sean @SweenWSweens (who I had used his math music in class) who asked me for something interesting about myself. I said I played percussion and he didn’t think that was interesting enough, but he did need a drummer for something later. I agreed to help and didn’t really know what I was getting into. I learned that some people, specifically Tina @TPalmer207, see words in color. I also learned about teaching and living at a boarding school (close to my hometown!) from Maggie @maggietennyson. I was learning so much about different people. It just kept blowing me away. And it was only Day 2.

We all went back to the dorm and hung out for a while until it was finally time to go to bed. It seriously felt like camp. I loved it.

Les gens étaient la meilleure partie de TMC.

My #TMC16 Reflection Post 1: #DesCon16 #MTBoSBlaugust

I’ve probably waited to long to do this reflection. I probably should have tried to reflect sooner than almost a month after TMC16 ended. But between moving and starting school within two weeks of me getting back, I just couldn’t get myself to do it. I figure late is better than never in this case. I’m going to do four posts, I think, since putting them all together would just be too long.

Day 1: Desmos Pre-Conference #DesCon16

I got in to Augsburg a little after midnight that night and tried to get into the dorm but the doors were locked so I found the button to call the front desk and he let me up. As I walked up the stairs, there were a bunch of kids in the lounge eating pizza and having fun, and that made me think I was in the wrong place because I thought Twitter Math Camp was for adults…but the front desk had my key and I went upstairs to my room. There was no roommate there, so I didn’t have anyone to feel bad for getting in so late. I passed out as soon as my head hit the pillow and woke up about 6 hours later to get ready for Desmos. I had carefully picked which mathy t-shirt I was going to wear for each day when I had packed, but changed my mind about 5 times before finally deciding on my “√-1 2³ Σ Π and it was delicious” t-shirt. I walked out of the dorm and saw Anna @TypeAMathLand walking alongside me and was too nervous to say anything before getting in line for breakfast. Lisa @lmhenry9 was in front of me and approached me to give me tickets to the baseball game I was going to. I got breakfast and found a table with a couple people at it and introduced myself. I didn’t know them and they were both first time TMC-ers, too. Then, Mary @mlangmyer ended up sitting with me and I had actually been to her session on literacy at MMC! Soon after, Anna ended up sitting at my table! That was cool. And then Kristen @Fouss ended up joining us! I was pretty star struck already.

Then there was Dan and video Eli and Michael and Christopher and Jenny and omg. They showed us some really cool stuff and had us play around with the calculator and Activity Builder. They showed us what other people had made in Desmos, card sorts and custom marbleslides, bundles in teacher.desmos, cool new teacher dashboard features (hiding student names and turning them into mathematicians), and hearing impaired options to make the graphs talk to you. I was blown away the whole time. And when I was in different rooms working, I was able to experiment on my own, ask questions, answer other people’s questions, and play with other people’s creations.

Sara @saravdwerf gave a very inspiring keynote about being an evangelist. I plan to write soon about what I am a chief evangelist for. I am excited because I already feel like this was me and now theres a name for it. She also spoke about Desmos and how students should be able to use Desmos on their phones in school. Omg wow. This is amazing. All of my students have phones – all of them can use Desmos whenever they want. I will post some time about my Desmos plans. I have not used it yet in the first 8 days of school and that is a shame and I want to use it. I will have students on Desmos next week if it’s the last thing I do.

The most amazing part of the day was that Dan Meyer recognized who I was.

2016-07-15 13.12.05-1

That evening Desmos was hosting a happy hour before the baseball game some of us were going to. I saw some other people walking there from the dorm and it was super packed. I saw three women who also seemed to be looking for somewhere to sit so we could eat before the game. I asked if I could join them and one of them turned out to be Jennifer @HHSmath, who I had been tweeting about running at TMC the few days before. She was with some other Boston-area teachers – Kathy @kd5campbell and Allison. They got some cheese curds that I didn’t realize was just a midwest thing. I ended up taking the train to the game with them. I don’t follow baseball too much and neither team was from Chicago, so I wasn’t all that invested in the game but still had a lot of fun. Jennifer, Kathy, and I left before it ended and Jennifer and I caught Pokemon on the train. I ended up kind of attached to Jennifer and Kathy for the whole TMC. I was extremely grateful that they let me hang out with them. I really hope I get to spend more time with them again.

J’ai hâte d’utiliser Desmos avec mes étudiants cette année!


Teacher Report Card Results (Part 3) #MTBoS30

This is the part that I made optional for my students. It’s very specific to certain things I do in my classroom. Parts 1 and 2 are here and here.

Which Daily Warm Up was your favorite? (34 responses)

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 3.11.04 PM.png

What do you think the benefits to the Daily Warm Ups were? (34 responses)
  • They got your brain going before you had to try and comprehend the lesson which helps in first hour classes.
  • give you time in the morning before going straight to serious math, got everybody talking as a class
  • to get your brain flowing
  • It got our brains going in the morning and helped us get rolling.
  • They got us thinking early in the morning.
  • Set our brains up to get ready to learn and understand math, especially in the morning.
  • Gets our brain thinking early and ready to focus.
  • gives us sometime to wake up and start thinking
  • It was a fun and positive way to start the class off and it got everyone involved
  • Wake your brain up and prepare you for math
  • woke you up
  • Helps us to prepare our brains for math and thinking in the morning before we start the lesson
  • To start thinking about math
  • Review on the math skills
  • Since this is 1st hour i think it wakes your brain up. like a little eyeopener.
  • They were just fun.
  • They were to help get our brains functioning in a mathematical way
  • There weren’t many in my opinion. Especially in the calculus level, this really didn’t have
  • It got us focused on class and we were able to get a little of that crazy energy out.
  • so we know what we are doing and if we learned how to do it
  • having some fun in class
  • getting your brain started
  • To get our minds ready for math class, especially with it being first hour.
  • It gets the class started on math and getting involved in class
  • Exercise the brain before learning something new
  • It forces you to think
  • We begin to think about things mathematically
  • Gives you a chance to warm up a little.
  • Helps get your mind focused on math
  • Get us thinking
  • they got us distracted from distractions and got us thinking about math
  • It starts the class of fun and happy it also wakes people up
  • i think they were fun and smart but they weren’t long enough
  • It’s fun

What do you think the drawbacks to the Daily Warm Ups were? (34 responses)

  • Sometimes they took up a lot of time, or people obviously weren’t paying attention every now and then.
  • takes up time especially when people refuse to answer
  • they can be boring and not all students want to participate
  • Takes up class work time at the end of the period.
  • People didn’t want to participate.
  • Not everyone wanted to answer
  • Sometimes we get off topic
  • sometimes they were boring but the estimation was always fun.
  • People didn’t always take it seriously
  • I don’t think there were any
  • using time
  • Took time away from actually learning stuff that we need to go over
  • IDK
  • Took times away from class and could get the class off topic
  • I really don’t think there were any.
  • Took up instruction time and time to practice and work.
  • Some of them were very simple and elementary.
  • They wasted a little bit of time.
  • Sometimes they took a turn then we would start talking about other things but we eventually bring it back to math.
  • I don’t know
  • it takes up some time
  • nothing
  • It took up some time.
  • None!
  • Time Consuming
  • Sometimes getting sidetracked.
  • We were spending less time on learning and our assignments.
  • Might take up a little bit of time.
  • Might take up too much class time
  • They’re tedious
  • we would get off topic soooo bad
  • Some were hard or a little boring. (Yes still have homework presentations but not make everyone have to)
  • idk
  • Sometimes it took up time bc our class talked

Do you believe Ms. Walczak should continue to require Homework Presentations for her classes? (34 responses)

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 9.17.47 AM.png

How many Homework Presentations do you think should be required in a semester in Ms. Walczak’s class? (34 responses)

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 9.19.02 AM.png

Do you think homework should be included in a grade? (This means going around and checking for completion or collecting homework) (34 responses)

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 9.19.52 AM.png

Why? (34 responses)

  • People need homework grades to balance out test grades. People should know in advance if the homework will be graded though.
  • You put effort into learning the material and keeping up with the class so its nice to get some part of your grade that reflects that and it can keep your grade steady
    because the students are not going to do it if you don’t check it
  • i mean yes and no some people don’t take the time to do it but they might already understand the topic so why would they waste their time on homework.
  • I want my work to be counted, and homework grades help to balance out test scores.
  • It should be checked to make sure they understand what they’re doing, because they will not succeed on tests if they don’t know what’s going on.
  • If you do it I think that you should get points to help your grade in the long run.
  • It has to be.
  • I like the idea of having homework as an optional practice
  • If students need a better grade it gives them a chance to get there grade up.
  • because sometimes homework are in subject that we are not comfortable with
  • It is their own fault if they don’t want to do the extra work and don’t understand what we are doing.
  • It would make me want to do my Hw always because it will be some sort of grade
  • Completion grade would be nice to balance out test grades and to get students to do their homework which would be extra review, also not too much homework so not like homework everyday of the week like maybe no homework fridays would be really nice or mondays
  • because that is what is really gonna help people for the assessments.
  • Because grades should also reflect the efforts put in by the students.
  • This is a college level course and students should be prepared for the ways college classes function.
  • Not always, though. You should give homework like once a week, and make sure they know it’s graded. It’s not necessary, because I still learned a lot in Calculus and not once did I even attempt to do the homework. However, I feel like we spent a lot of time reviewing what we learned because by the time I came back to class I forgot everything. I don’t like homework, but if you gave just a few problems for them to do for a participation grade, it might help keep their grades up and also help solidify the information. They might feel more confident with the work if they did some homework every now and then.
  • I think the homework presentations are a good replacement for actual graded homework.
  • because people won’t do it and you can surprise them
  • Because there is so much homework on classes that it’s hard to remember witch ones I have left to do and try to remember everything
  • becasue it puts to much stress on some kids who have lots of other hw
  • It is only for our benefit and they’re easy points.
  • It is just practice for you in the long run so you shouldn’t grade them on how they practice
  • If you know the material you shouldn’t have to learn it again
  • Because it forces you to learn the problems
  • Homework is a big part of learning and helps our grade quite a bit.
  • You should have to do your homework that is assigned.
  • A lot of time, I don’t understand the material when we get to the homework portion of it.
  • Every other teacher does it and it’s a good influence for kids to get their work done.
  • it’s an incentive!
  • I did absolutely no homework in this class I am pretty sure
  • well i think the dice rolling idea is smart because i liked that
  • It can better your grade

[I wish I would have split this into a Why and then a different Why Not but oh well]

What is the purpose of homework? (34 responses)

  • To get better at the subject at hand, and to make sure you’re able to do it without a teacher.
  • to make sure you know how to do the work that you learned in class
  • to review for the test
  • To help improve a skill that needs practice.
  • To practice before a test.
  • To better your understanding and try to do it by yourself without needing teacher’s help.
  • To help you better understand the material.
  • From my perspective i didnt have to do homework everyday to understand it. Most people do it to learn it, but it clicked with me.
  • extra practice to prepare for quizzes and tests
  • Extra practice to help you learn the subject better
  • practice
  • To help better understand the subject we are learning
  • To practice the skill that we are learning in class
  • To review and go over questions in class
  • to practice and study the material
  • To give students extra practice of the material.
  • Practice of the problems
  • I kind of just explained that in the previous question. It would just help solidify the information and help remember how to do the problems with some extra practice.
  • To prepare us for the tests.
  • to know what we are doing right or wrong
  • to make sure you know and understand what you learned in class that day
  • to learn by yourself and understand
  • To help prepare us and practice for our quizzes.
  • To practice for a quiz/test and your final
  • Learn the new material
  • To help learn the topic
  • To practice and further understand the topics.
  • To prepare you for the test.
  • Reviewing material
  • Extra practice for students
  • to keep our minds refreshed on what we learned
  • Extra practice for the tests
  • to get some work done at home so you dont forget it everyday when u come back the
    next day
  • to practice for the test

What comments do you have about the way Ms. Walczak graded assessments in class? (30 responses)

  • none
  • none
  • I like how if you made a calculating error, that didn’t mean you didn’t know how to do something. definitely props to you on that one.
  • I think i liked the dice rolling it was clever and gave us leeway on the days that it was not for colpletion.
  • It got really confusing, because I didn’t understand what all the different marks meant.
  • I like the way she does.
  • It works pretty good. It takes some pressure of us knowing that we can always reassess anything which makes us do better.
  • I loved the way the assesments were graded because it wasn’t really on how many you missed, it was more how much you actually understood about the unit and the parts of the unit.
  • None
  • I liked it. It made students do their homework just in case you rolled a 6.
  • I like the way that you grade Test and Quizzes
  • I dont know never did one
  • they should be worth more points like each question
  • ‘Twas good.
  • I was just confused with how you marked the answers with the different letters, but that isn’t a huge deal/
  • I really liked the way you graded our tests. It was nice to see how close we were and how to fix the problems. It was really nice and helped me learn a lot actually.
  • I think you graded them fairly
  • no
  • its good
  • I really like the way she grades.
  • I like her grading
  • It’s walczastic
  • You were fair and I appreciated that
  • It took quite a bit of getting used to, but when I didn’t do well on a quiz or test
  • Nothing.
  • I liked it
  • I enjoy that we were rewarded every once in a while
  • it was fair & i like that you are open to revision and guilt us into sometimes it helps though
  • None you should continue the dice to grade
  • I like it

[I should have been more clear that I was referring to my quizzes and tests]

Did you ever reassess any goals/assessments? (34 responses)

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 9.30.01 AM.png

What comments do you have about the reassessment process in Ms. Walczak’s class? (31 responses)

  • none
  • none
  • I don’t like doing book work, so possibly if you want to change it up, use a worksheet instead.
  • I liked it, because it allowed me to raise my grade.
  • Although I haven’t done it, I like that she gives you a chance to reassess so you can get a better grade.
  • It is awesome! It allows me to learn material more in depth.
  • It worked well. I usally waited until i would understand better when we used later on.
  • I wish the reassessment process was a bit easier, just because there is a lot of steps to it
  • None
  • I think that it is a good process
  • I dont know never did it
  • i like it
  • None.
  • I think it is well orchestrated and the process should be continued.
  • I loved it. It helped keep grades up and really helped me understand where I went wrong. I understood the process more after I had to correct my tests and do it over.
  • I think the reassessment process was great. There was always a chance to do better.
  • nope
  • It’s a bit too much
  • its great
  • I love love love the reassessment method. I wish all teachers did this.
  • None!
  • They worked pretty well
  • I think that if you recieved a 3 instead of a 4, you should have to correct your mistake and maybe explain what they did wrong.
  • It’s good.
  • Too complicated (but I understand why it’s like that)
  • It’s a wonderful and helpful thing
  • it was kind of confusing still and i felt like i bothered you staying after and asking dumb questions hahhahaa
  • It was helpful
  • i dont like how we have to do problems to see if we can get the next reassesment right becuase i just need to learn how to do them
  • complicated

Do you feel that if you were absent for Ms. Walczak’s class you would be able to get caught up fairly easily? (34 responses)

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 9.32.58 AM.png

What comments do you have about Ms. Walczak’s absent work procedure? (30 responses)

  • none
  • none
  • none
  • I don’t know if having someone fill out a form is necessary
  • I think that because she moves soooo fast that she needs to have a required after school 20 min meeting to explain everything that happened
  • Its good that they have one of the classmates fill out the little paper so we arent lost
  • It was well organized, but I still didn’t understand what I missed.
  • It works fine.
  • Fine. I was never behind.
  • Its nice to get the notes but I need an explanation on how to do it so I can learn
  • I liked liked having the papers and what we did filled out for me, it helped me jump right back into the class the next day.
  • None
  • Maybe have the student to come in for srt
  • i think it is good
  • They were okay.
  • The procedure is fine, when I am not there for a lecture, it is hard for me to learn what I missed and what is being taught.
  • It was nice, we didn’t have to do much. And the fact that we always review a lot in class helped.
  • I think that procedure is pretty fair. I came in on my own time and I learned the material then.
  • its was good
  • I missed the day where we went over the quadratic formula and I still feel confused about that to this day.
  • None!
  • Pretty simple and works
  • The procedure was almost as good as Limp Bizkit
  • I always just ask for my homework, and you give it to me so I think that works pretty great.
  • I haven’t missed.
  • Don’t have students do the absent sheet because they don’t fill everything out
  • i feel like it wasn’t enforced in our class as much as it should have been
  • None it was also helpful she always kept the students up to date
  • its good for me becuase i never miss any days but idk about others
  • i can’t recall participating

What concept was the most memorable for you this year? Why? (30 responses)

  • Trigonometry, it’s easier for me than most of the other stuff we did.
  • When we divided polynomials. it was so much fun!!!
  • Trig. It was really fun.
  • Quadratic functions, because it took a long time, but I finally understood it.
  • Polynomials, because they were awful and I hated them.
  • The project about guessing the weight of a cow and making a graph about it.
  • Trig. I felt like I could solve anything.
  • probably graphing and such because we worked on it a lot and found some great tools
  • Matrices because they were fairly simple
  • the game that looks like “kahoot” on the chromebook (I don’t remember the name of this game )
  • I liked doing the trig. It was easy to learn and I enjoyed using formulas.
  • Trig
  • The cosine and other functions because we went over them a lot
  • The Quadratic fomula
  • Derivatives. Mrs. Walczak did a good job explaining what a derivative is.
  • Derivatives and integrals
  • Petals around the rose. Polar bears around the ice hole. Planets around the sun.
  • Integrals on the calculator
  • exponents
  • The trig. I loved trig.
  • I liked the midpoint and distance. I don’t know why it is just fun
  • Graphing system of equations to form a picture.
  • I’m not exactly sure to be honest.
  • I really enjoyed and remember trigonometry. It was really fun being able to solve so many triangles.
  • Pretty fair
  • Quadratic formula. It was a challenge when first introduced and once mastered it was really helpful for the rest of the year.
  • derivatives! i know derivatives because i had to learn them every day!
  • Quadratic formula it was fun and we did nice activities
  • probably aleks
  • quadratic

What concept was the most difficult for you this year? Why? (31 responses)

  • Writing equations for graphs, I could just never remember how to do it.
  • matrix everything
  • Porabolas
  • I think that probibility was because not the fact that it was too hard or anything its just one of the most boring things i ever learn in math classes.
  • Probability, I do not understand it at all.
  • Law of Sines/Cosines because our prior sub Geometry teacher before Mr. Mac (for us kids who double blocked) did not teach us as well about SOHCAHTOA and that stuff correctly.
  • Trig haha. But I learned it now!
  • nothing really. Maybe absolute value graphing.
  • Some of the concepts during mid first semester were a little bit tough and the hard
  • polynomials were difficult as well.
  • Probability because I didn’t quite understand it
  • It was quadriadic form because It was sometimes confusing
  • The slope intercept. There were too many things to remember in such little time and
  • I forgot a lot of them.
  • Propobity
  • probability because I missed the review day
  • vertex form things
  • Volume using integration. I didn’t really pay attention, it’s probably my own fault.
  • I’m not sure.
  • Why you wouldn’t laugh at our jokes. Or why you’re not engaged. Or the volume using integration, that too.
  • Derivatives
  • graphing
  • The quadratic formula. It was so complicated.
  • I am not sure
  • None, Because I myself am walczastic.
  • Same thing I can’t quite pick it out.
  • I had a hard time with matrices and the first trig quiz. I wasn’t there for part of matrices so I was a little behind the whole time, and I was just having a bad testing day when I made up the first trig quiz. I could not remember what I was doing.
  • The Guassian thing
  • Probability because I’ve never learned about percentages before or fractions or anything of the sort so this was a bit of a challenge but I like challenges so I was able to over come it.
  • integrals – OMG HELP
  • Polynomials monomials It was hard for me to concentrate
  • none

What else should Ms. Walczak have asked about in this survey? (24 responses)

  • Nothing
  • Nothing
  • i thought this was an extremely thorough survey!
  • ???
  • Your grade in class
  • Nothing. It was good!
  • Nothing, you covered alot
  • nothing
  • Nothing you asked everything i think
  • You pretty much overed it so I do not know
  • I think you covered it. Maybe what kinds of candy to pass out for next year (blue jolly ranchers).
  • Candy. Basically you should fill the bag with blue jolly ranchers only.
  • nothing else
  • nothing it covered mostly everything 🙂
  • Nothing!
  • What makes Ms. Walczak walczastic
  • You covered everything well
  • I think you’ve covered pretty much everything. I was really thorough.
  • You’re good!
  • “Did you enjoy Ms. Walczak’s first year here?” because I did
  • what can i do to make the class more fun hahahaha
  • Think she covered it all…maybe how did you feel in this class survey like safe or bullied and stuff like that
  • idk but i think theres acouple more
  • IDK

I am so happy that these students decided to continue the survey and answer these questions. They really did help me. I am glad they find benefits to my procedures and they have valid points about the drawbacks. These comments show me what I need to work on and what I should continue.

Mes étudiants me manqueront mais je verrai beaucoup d’eux l’année prochaine.