Day 13: Final Exam Review

Tomorrow is the Semester 1 Final Exam. We spent all of today reviewing. I had some games and then the last hour was given to them to review on their own using their assessments, supplemental review worksheets I made, and their review packet that I gave and I was there to answer questions.

All files are attached at the bottom of the post. Most winnings were candy (thank you amazon for this and this) and math pride.

I started with Jeopardy to review parallel lines and angle-sum theorems. This is something I made while student teaching and I do it with teams. I printed the slides so that if a group got it incorrect, another group could steal the points. I also added a “daily double” worth 1000 points (because I said it makes sense) to one of the 100 point questions to really throw them for a loop.

Next, I had Last Man Standing to review triangle congruence. This game is class vs. teacher. The class receives the prize of the last man that is left in the grid. I pair students up and then call on the pairs one at a time to pick which man to take out. The class is then responsible for asking the question that is behind that guy. There are some bad prizes (high five, fist bump, homework pass in my class since I don’t grade homework) and some better ones (extra credit, candy, extra break time). The class gets really into it at the end when you only have a few left.

Next, we played Dan Meyer’s Mathketball to review special segments in triangles. I play class vs. teacher. This one has kids asking why we don’t do this every day. I always hype it up by saying I was a starter on the basketball team when I was in high school (which was the same high school as about half of them – and their girl basketball team recently won sectionals). Then when I take my first shot granny-style I point out that I started sophomore year on my 7-girl team. Today, I actually was ahead for a good amount because the kids all insisted on taking the far shot and they could not make it. I have never seen so many scrap paper balls hit the rim of a recycling bin before. But they did end up winning.

Finally, we did a Trail activity to review quadrilaterals. In this version, the answers are somewhere else around the room that the students have to find. Students all write the letter that is next to the answer once they find it, and the teacher can check by seeing if the order is correct regardless of where they started. The teacher really doesn’t need to check if the student got through all 10 questions without repeating. I like this activity because it gets students moving and talking to different students depending on where they end up in the trail.

Trail Activity

Je m’amuse bien en classe quand les étudiants s’amusent!

Day 10: Special Segments and Triangle Inequality

We did an entire unit today. It started out with looking at midsegments and then we moved to perpendicular bisectors, angle bisectors, medians, altitudes, and all those fun centers that go along with the points of concurrency. I had done this awesome discovery activity when I student taught where it takes you through determining if the segments have a point of concurrency and all those equidistant things, but I couldn’t find it anymore. I searched for some ideas online but couldn’t find anything I liked that much. I didn’t think to email my old Geometry co-op until typing this out…maybe I can get it for next time. But we did go through what some of those relationships were and had fun drawing all the segments, using different colors and everything.

I also did a discovery activity for the inequalities in triangles. To see that the sum of two sides have to be better than the third, I had the kids use stick pretzels to test it. The only issue is that when they get to the one where the sum of two sides equals the third (which shouldn’t work) a lot of the kids don’t follow it close enough to make sure the two pretzels are really exactly the same size. Because of the error with that, a lot of times you have to go through that set again with students. I had some pasta sticks on hand for that purpose because it’s a little easier to see (but definitely not as fun to eat). Here’s the file:

I also had some kids turn in their Swan Challenge. It’s all about finding angle measured in this really complicated swan picture. Takes a lot of focus but it’s actually not too difficult once you get on a roll. Really more about perseverance. Here it is if anyone wants it:

Quelquefois, je pense de quelque chose un peu tard, mais c’est pas grave. Mes étudiants apprennent encore.