You Guys Are Great #MTBoSBlogsplosion

This post is really really hard. I started reading blogs during winter break of the 2013-2014 school year and immediately my Feedly was filled with almost 100 blogs to follow. Right now I’m at 194 that I follow. I haven’t read every single post, but I do save them all for later so I can read many of them eventually. As I’m reading I tag them in Evernote if they’re about something content-specific. That way when I’m lesson planning I can search the MTBoS Search Engine and my Evernote.

But this post is hard because there are so many posts out there that made my life better/easier. Here is a compilation of some, and I’m sure I’ll be thinking of others after I post this:

For lesson planning:

  • Meg Craig’s Files – Meg didn’t know it at the time, but she saved me so much stress last year when I was the only teacher in a school teaching four different preps. I used so much from her that I can’t thank her enough. I love that she not only puts her files up as Word documents so you can edit them to fit your class but also that she usually shares her teacher keys so you can see how she goes through everything with her classes. My favorite by far was her advice on Graphing Polynomials, which I taught in College Algebra and then later in Algebra II. My classes ended up dancing like John Travolta and playing R. Kelly’s Remix to Ignition (for the bounces) all the time after that. It was so fun and it just clicked for the students.
  • All the Virtual Filing Cabinets. Here are some to name a few: Sam’s at Continuous Everywhere but Differentiable Nowhere, Beth’s at Algebra’s Friend, Elissa’s at Misscalcul8, and Julie’s at Sad Armadillo
  • MTBoS Search Engine – duh, just do it

For engagement and just straight up awesome teaching:

  • Everything from Sara VanDerWerf. I go to her blog so frequently that it’s one of the suggested sites from Google when I open a new tab.
    Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 7.24.50 PM.pngThe post I go to the most is The Pursuit of 100%. Practical Ideas for Engaging Students. I learn more every time I go to it. I’ve used so much of it this year and I’m impressed every time at how my students are really engaged more than I ever had seen before. And this post is long, but every word is important. Sara is so intentional in what she does and makes sure that when she shares something, she shares why she does it. If you haven’t read anything from Sara yet, stop reading this and go spend the rest of your time on her site because it will blow your mind.

And I always have blog posts to catch up on. I think I do it wrong – since I save everything before I read, I still have posts from people’s beginning of the school year at the bottom of my saved posts. So on the days where I read blogs, I usually try to read a few from the top and then also a few from the bottom, and sometimes a few in the middle. I used to just read the bottom of the list but then I started to miss things from people like Dan Meyer’s [Pseudocontext Saturdays] and would feel left out when I saw references to it on Twitter. It’s also kind of fun to read old posts and see how things have progressed throughout the year. So here are some posts I read recently that I learned from and/or they improved my life in some way:

Vous êtes supers!



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